Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory & Harmony

Music theory can be as difficult to understand as a foreign language at times, and classes tend to move at a pace that is not always comfortable for every student. 

Staff and Piano Keys

Staff and Piano Keys

With private tutoring, you can move at your own pace and tackle the concepts that are giving you trouble.  Sean can help you with a wide range of topics spanning from the basics to more complex harmony and part-writing.  Some of the topics include:

  • Basic Notation and Reading of Different Clefs
  • Basic Harmony
  • Complex Rhythms
  • Classical/Baroque Composition
  • Figured Bass
  • Counterpoint
  • Pop Composition
  • Solfège
  • Four-Part Chorale Writing
  • Atonal Methods of Composition

Any of these topics can be explored individually or integrated with other aspects of music including piano lessons.  To contact Sean about lessons or if there is anything not listed, please ask Sean about it by using the Contact Form.

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